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The Big Bhaang Theory: Harness Himalayan Health

The Big Bhaang Theory by : Himanshu Kakerwal (Founder) & Neetu Dogra (Co-Founder) Almora, Uttarakhand

Located in the picturesque town of Almora, Uttarakhand, “The Big Bhaang Theory” is a startup founded by Himanshu Kakerwal and his wife. Himanshu, an engineering graduate and MBA from IIM Kozikhod, embarked on this journey during the challenging times of the Covid pandemic. Inspired by the hemp seed practices of his mother and grandmother, he recognized the untapped potential of hemp-based products. Starting professionally in January 2023, the startup collaborates with IIM Kashipur students for marketing strategies and employs local women for manufacturing. With a focus on promoting hemp’s health benefits and empowering women, the startup, self-funded without government support, eyes national expansion and ventures into export marketing and B2B collaborations.


Almora is a town located in the northern state of Uttarakhand, India. It is known for its natural beauty, picturesque landscapes, and cultural heritage. The town has a rich history and culture
And is surrounded by the Himalayas and is a popular tourist destination, especially for those who enjoy trekking, camping, and other outdoor activities. Having all these things in mind a man named Himanshu Kakerwal with his wife started a small startup “The Big Bhaang Theory”. It is basically a startup which is making products by using Hemp seeds as its main ingredient. Now if we
talk about the journey of Himanshu, he is basically from Lohaghaat, Champawat have done his graduation from Delhi in the field of Engineering and afterwards MBA from IIM Kozikhod, Kerela after completing his MBA degree he was doing his job like any other person will suppose to do but his life takes u-turn during Covid when all were suffering with their own stuffs but he didn’t lose hope and come to his place where he think of what to do now and suddenly one day he realizes to why not to start his own startup after having an degree in business administration, then he saw many hemp seed plants around him and gone to the memorable days when his mother and grandmother used to made hemp seed salts for serving different purpose.

He thought, if they can make tasty hemp seed salt without having much resources and ingredients why can’t we? From here the journey has been started Himanshu and his wife started doing research on hemp seeds its market how people are consuming and producing that, where he found that people are aware of hemp seeds and its plants but they are totally unaware of its benefits like medicinal properties, nutritional profile and also having a kind of taboo that this is intoxicant in nature and harmful for us which is totally a wrong information said by Himanshu, In a phone screening he said that-On January 2023 they have been started this as very proffesionaly with his wife after that students from IIM kashipur are also come here for their ELP (Experiential Learning Programme) support them with marketing and sales stratergies and women are working at ground level who help them in manufacturing and packaging . Growing up in Uttarakhand, we’ve witnessed the women in our community seamlessly incorporate the goodness of locally grown hemp into our daily lives. Their use of hemp for health and commitment to natural living has been a powerful inspiration for us. Our upbringing, deeply rooted in traditional family customs focused on holistic wellness, has ingrained the idea of a healthy lifestyle into our very existence. Whether its hemp seeds in our chutney or hemp seed oil for skincare, hemp has been a vital part of our heritage.
In today’s fast-paced world, we recognize the challenge of maintaining our longstanding traditions of conscious health in the midst of busy lives. At The Big Bhaang Theory, we aim to bridge this gap, making a healthy lifestyle convenient and accessible. Fueled by our profound passion for all things hemp, we aspire to introduce the world to the concept of hemp-based health. Our products are sourced ethically from the Himalayas, and we adhere to age-old traditional methods, staying true to our vision of preserving ancient practices while adapting them to promote holistic and healthy living in the modern era.


Their startup has two primary goals: firstly, to raise awareness about the benefits of hemp seeds among the public, and secondly, to champion women’s employment and acknowledge the invaluable contributions they make to their families, often without receiving due recognition

Government Support

They have not received any government support so far; everything they have accomplished has been self-funded. This phase represents their investment period, where they are giving their full effort and commitment, putting in a hundred percent on their own.

Future Planning

Their enthusiasm for their work is palpable, and initially, their focus was on capturing the entire national market. The versatility of their products, ranging from chutney to oil, salts, chocolates, and more, appeals to a broad audience, as they are not gender-specific. Promoting their products at various events has garnered an excellent response. Now, they have set their sights on expanding their startup to include export marketing, B2B collaborations, and various other avenues.

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