Krishi Sampada – Where there is a will there is a way

Krishi Sampada by : Mayank Nautiyal & Vivek Bahuguna, Srinagar, Uttarakhand

Mayank Nautiyal and Vivek Bahuguna from Srinagar Garhwal left their jobs and open an agricultural store so that the farmers of hilly region can easily get farm input. After doing several jobs in private sectors and working with different NGO’s Mayank Nautiyal and his friend Vivek Bahuguna did not get satisfaction. They want to do something which should be owed by them, so finally after working with several organizations for a long time, in the year 2019 they resigned from their respected jobs and start their own startup of Farm Input Supply and named it Krishi Sampada in Sringar Garhwal. It is an agricultural store through which they provide agricultural farm inputs and consultancy to the farmers. 

Krishi Sampada store, Ganesh Bajar, Srinagar, Uttarakhand

Their startup included marketing of various pesticides, seeds, manure, and solar fencing to the farmers. Solar fencing is one of the important farm input device for hilly regions as it helps to protect the farms from the wild animals. The technical knowledge provided by them to the farmers help the farmers to cultivate the crops in a more scientific way to get more yield. They sell their products through NGO’s or by directly contacting to the farmers. 


During their journey they came across various challenges. One of the challenge they face was lack of fund, as any startup require a huge amount of money to invest on it. And the second challenge which affect their startup was the lockdown due to Covid19 in the year 2020. They organized the funds by taking loan from bank through Mudra scheme. The contacts made by them with farmers during their earlier work with NGO’s help them to a great extent during lockdown period as those farmers gave them order for seeds, pesticides, manures etc. which help them to get some profit during the lockdown period. After many up and downs finally they are running their startup successfully.  

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