Namakwali – Journey from Uttarakhand to Shark Tank India

Namakwali - Authentic Flavors by Shashi Bahuguna Raturi, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Overview : Shashi Bahuguna Raturi, a native of Uttarakhand, established Namakwali to showcase the traditional recipes of the region, notably the ancient pisyu loon salt, to a global audience, symbolizing the evolving food traditions of the mountains. She began her journey in 1982 at the age of 19, demonstrating that age and gender are no barriers to success with unwavering determination. Beyond business, she focused on uplifting women, children, and the environment, initiating projects like smokeless stoves, Balwadi schools, sanitation facilities, and economic growth through fruit tree planting and handicraft promotion. Namakwali specializes in organically made, preservative-free products, primarily featuring their meticulously crafted Himalayan salt infused with various flavors. With a dedication to preserving tradition and promoting well-being, Namakwali aims to share the essence of the Himalayas with consumers globally, offering diverse flavors reflecting the region’s culinary heritage. Through digital storytelling and social media, Shashi empowered women, providing platforms for their artistic and culinary skills, resulting in a team of 10-11 women crafting salt and dispatching over 35 kg to customers nationwide. Future plans include global expansion, aiming to export Uttarakhand’s unique traditions and flavors worldwide, despite the lack of government support. Despite challenges, their turnover of 50 lakh rupees with a 17% profit margin reflects their effective business operations and resilience in competitive markets, positioning them for further growth and success.

Namakwali at Shark Tank India platform


Shashi Bahuguna Raturi, hailing from Uttarakhand, initiated Namakwali, a brand aimed at showcasing The traditional recipes of the region, particularly the age-old pisyu loon salt, to a global audience, thus witnessing the evolving food traditions of the mountains. Observing the evolving culinary customs of the mountainous regions, Shashi Bahuguna Raturi from Uttarakhand resolved to safeguard the food and heritage of the hill state. Since 1982, starting her journey at a mere 19 years old, she exemplified that age and gender pose no barriers when propelled by unwavering determination. Originating from a Tehri Garhwal village in Uttarakhand, she pursued her education while immersing herself in various social causes, with a particular emphasis on uplifting women, children, and the environment. At the forefront of her endeavors was the empowerment of women, as she conducted training sessions on crafting smokeless stoves, addressing the respiratory challenges faced by rural women. Additionally, she spearheaded the establishment of Balwadi schools to accommodate children whose mothers were in search of employment opportunities.

Her impact extended beyond education and health, as she initiated sanitation projects, constructing toilets in nearby villages to improve hygiene standards. Furthermore, recognizing the potential for economic growth, she planted fruit trees, providing not only sustenance but also employment avenues for rural communities. Embracing the cultural heritage of her region, she promoted traditional handicrafts like Banskhera carpets and wall hangings, imparting valuable skills to locals and fostering self-sufficiency.

Through relentless dedication and perseverance, she catalyzed transformative change, not only within communities but also within individuals. Her tireless efforts served as a beacon of inspiration, empowering people to seize control of their own destinies and work towards a brighter future. After doing all these social works in 2018, she launched Namakwali, a brand aimed at showcasing the traditional recipes of Uttarakhand, particularly the ancient pisyu loon salt, to a global audience, all while carrying on her family’s legacy with his son and husband helping in marketing and advertising her brand. Pisyu loon, a seasoned salt infused with Himalayan herbs, is crafted by blending rock salt, aromatic herbs, and spices using the traditional grinding slab known as sil-batta. Although they are making range of products like chutney powder, ghee, spices and masala, honey, sweets and gifting but their foremost product is salt, which is meticulously prepared in a range of flavors including ginger, garlic, hemp, mixed salt etc. In addition to its flavorful qualities, the vibrant salt serves as a survival provision during times of limited vegetable supplies.

Brand Specialty

ü  Products made whole organically.

ü  No any preservatives added.

ü  Chemicals free products.

ü  Easy availability of all the products in their website as well as in Amazon.

A range of flavored salts, pahadi turmeric, honey and chatni

Aim and vision

Namakwali is dedicated to bringing the exceptionally healthy, organic, and distinctive flavors of the Himalayan villages to consumers worldwide. With a commitment to preserving tradition and promoting well-being, Namakwali seeks to offer a diverse range of flavors that reflect the rich culinary heritage of the region. From the earthy notes of Himalayan herbs to the robust tang of traditional spices, each product embodies the essence of the mountains. By sourcing ingredients directly from the foothills and employing traditional techniques, Namakwali ensures authenticity and quality in every grain of salt. With a vision to nurture both body and soul, Namakwali strives to share the essence of the Himalayas with discerning palates around the globe, inviting them to savor the unique flavors of this enchanting region. Through captivating posts and engaging captions, she showcased the diverse flavors and origins of “Pisyu Loon” and other salts, enticing followers to delve into the rich culinary heritage of their region. Her project gained momentum as food enthusiasts and chefs alike expressed fascination with the unique salts, sparking conversations about preserving culinary traditions. With each upload, she ignited a sense of pride in the local community, fostering a deeper appreciation for the cultural significance of these ingredients. As her online presence grew, so did the demand for these artisanal salts, leading to collaborations with local producers and artisanal food stores. Through her dedication and passion, she transformed a simple social media project into a movement celebrating the essence of regional cuisine and the art of salt-making. Suvendu Raturi, Shashi’s son, recognized the need to support his mother in expanding her tradition and passion further. Witnessing the influx of orders and articles praising her work, he resolved to become his mother’s helping hand. Initially engaged in photography and filmmaking, Suvendu also produced documentaries. In 2020, he returned from Spain due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and by 2022, he firmly decided to collaborate with his mother. Despite this, he continues to manage his own business while pursuing his personal passion.


Women Empowerment and Source of Income generation

Shashi’s recognition of the often-overlooked talents of women, overshadowed by patriarchal social norms, fueled her commitment to empowering them. Leveraging the potent tools of social media and digital storytelling, she embarked on a mission to dismantle these norms by providing a platform for women to showcase their artistic and culinary prowess. Through online amplification of their voices and creations, Shashi facilitated an environment where women could thrive, carving out their own livelihoods and opportunities in traditionally male-dominated spheres.

Under Shashi’s leadership, Namakwali employs a dedicated team of 10-11 women, each contributing their unique skills to the craft of salt-making. These women meticulously select ingredients from the foothills, infusing each grain with the essence of their region. Gathered in the cozy confines of their homes, they grind the salt amidst shared laughter and traditional songs, fostering a sense of camaraderie and community spirit. Presently, these empowered women dispatch over 35 kg of their artisanal salt to customers across major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. Among their popular offerings are the flavorful garlic-infused salt and the authentic blend of mixed flavors, each crafted with care and expertise. Through their dedication and craftsmanship, these women not only contribute to the success of Namakwali but also serve as ambassadors of empowerment and resilience in their communities.

Future Planning's

Shashi, alongside her son, harbors ambitious plans to expand their business globally. While currently catering to orders from all corners of India, their vision extends far beyond national borders as they aim to export their brand to numerous countries worldwide. Their ultimate objective is to introduce the vibrant traditions of Uttarakhand to international audiences, serving as ambassadors of their region’s rich cultural heritage and culinary treasures. With a deep-rooted passion for their homeland, they seek to share its unique flavors and traditions with the fostering greater appreciation and understanding across borders.

Government Support

In addressing the topic of government support, it is crucial to emphasize the absence of assistance from the government of Uttarakhand. Every achievement thus far, as well as ongoing endeavors, stands as a testament to our individual efforts, unwavering determination, patience, and relentless hard work. Despite the lack of external support, we have persevered, driven by our passion for preserving and promoting our cultural heritage. 

As we continue on this journey, it becomes increasingly incumbent upon us to advocate for recognition from the government. 

Our collective responsibility extends beyond mere acknowledgment; it encompasses a call to action for the authorities to actively support and champion our initiatives. By amplifying our voices and showcasing the fruits of our labor, we strive not only to garner domestic acclaim but also to extend the reach of our culture and traditions to the global stage. It is through unified advocacy and relentless perseverance that we can compel the government to embrace and promote the essence of Uttarakhand heritage. As ambassadors of our rich cultural legacy, we carry the torch forward, igniting interest and appreciation for our traditions far and wide.


Their turnover stands at 50 lakh rupees, with a remarkable profit margin of 17%, showcasing a robust financial performance. This achievement underscores their growing economic presence and solidifies their position in the market. It reflects the effectiveness of their business operations, indicating sound strategic decisions and efficient management practices.

Shark Tank India Support

Namakwali got an investment of rupees 50 lacs from ‘Car Dekh Lo’ founder Amit Jain at the shark tank India platform. Moreover, this milestone speaks to their ability to navigate and thrive in competitive environments, showcasing resilience and adaptability. With such a strong financial performance, they are poised for further growth and success in the market landscape. This accomplishment is a testament to their dedication, innovation, and commitment to excellence.


Article Written by : Ms. Shivani Rawat, Editor, The Pahadi Agriculture e-magazine

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